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Espada y daga footwork blocking with the sword parrying with the sword six angles in flow locking with the sword and knife multiple attack cutting drills riding the arms disarms and. Contradas drill with espada y daga with tuhon tim waid and grand tuhon leo t. Watch introduction to espada y daga modern arnis 80 prime. Jan 14, 2019 arnis y daga its a simplified form of the traditional espada y daga. In the category of training, espada y daga has more drills intricate drills than in just about any other aspect of filipino combat. The palau community association of guam, 1948 to 1997 pdf.

Iimaia instructor handbook supplement august 2003 introduction welcome philosophy jkd section. Espada y daga 5 essentials drills for filipino martial arts youtube. Stick fighting 101 the basics of balintawak esrkima. The very same movement pattern trained in sinawali can also be applied to single stick, sword and dagger espada y daga, and even empty. See more ideas about kali escrima, martial arts and martial. To be able to coordinate such skills with a sword and knife together consisted of many hours of training drills for the development of the proper reflexes and good. For certain aspects of san miguel eskrima such as drills and forms, these aspects. For someone to fully know the arts of arnis, eskrima, or kali, one must know the art of the blade. Espada y daga escrima drill filipino martial arts kali arnis basics. Other hand holds a knife and used for both offense and defense blocking, checking and locking.

Espada y daga kali area 3 espada y daga is kali area 3. These 3 simple exercises can help you strengthen your posterior chain so that you can. The art of the blade as hidden in modern arnis based on the family style of bolo is shown. Espada y daga sword espada and dagger daga used together.

Iimaia instructor handbook supplement august 2003 jkd section. They are training replicas of the real razor sharp tfw espada y daga so the feel will pretty much be the same while wielding them. Like knifework, there are many intricacies in espada y daga that make this part of the system one of the more complex areas of study in the filipino martial arts. Pekititirsia kali was founded in 1897 and is the system of the tortal family. Besides, the right angles that should be used when you are attacking an enemy using this set. Estocadas can be summarized as a collection of drills and techniques that progresses from stick to blade to empty hands. Espada y daga sword and dagger strong hand wields a stick or long blade and serves as the primary offense. Secondary girls region vi xll car maril rank nd score 68. Then finally, hand to hand combat is taught whereby the same principles of espada y daga is still used. This perfectly handcrafted word has no sharp edges and this is ideal for training. Filipino martial arts terminology monosi arnis system m. Pekititirsia espada y daga solo drill for set 1 duration.

Pekititirsia kali is a style specific to filipino martial arts. For example, in a sumbrada drill, one partner feeds an attack, which the other. Other aspects of the art include espada y daga sword and dagger fighting, sinawali double stick weaving patterns, and tapitapi locking drills with and without the stick. This is true mainly because of the fact the espada y daga practitioner must simultaneously accommodate two different weapons and cope with three ranges of combat. Team synchronized likha anyo espada y daga 3 players per category costume. Espada y daga 5 essentials drills for filipino martial. Dumog grappling a variety of takedowns and throwing techniques are used, which can be practiced with or without weapons. Apr 23, 2018 other aspects of the art include espada y daga sword and dagger fighting, sinawali double stick weaving patterns, and tapitapi locking drills with the stick. Stick fighting training sinawali the ultimate double. Aug 10, 2019 in particular, the kaat of how highranking arnisadors should test for higher rank has been settled by different organizations in different ways. Iimaia instructor handbook supplement august 2003 jkd. An outline of the pekititirsia system footworkpekititirsia single stick techniques basicspekititirsia single stick advancedpekititirsia double bastonpekititirsia espada y daga sword and daggerpekititirsia knife techniquespekititirsia empty hand techniques footwork. Espada y daga means stick and dagger, but the expression is used by filipino kali instructors to refer to any fighting in which one hand holds a long weapon and the other a short weapon.

I only teach you the very essence of knife combatives, knife methods, and selfdefensesurvival for the citizen, the cop and the soldier. Many police and military around the world are now learning these arts are due to the effectiveness of the techniques. We also go into the espada y daga stick and dagger techniques. Feb 20, 2018 here are what i believe to be 5 essential drills for espada y daga all arnis practitioners need to know. Fcs kali curriculum 2014 level 1 minimum 3 month fcs membership required for test. Espada y daga is considered to be one of the two crown jewels of the pekititirsia system the other being daga.

Tbt one year ago today knife seminar steve sohns krav maga world wide training and fitness center when your friends have more fun than you. Filipino martial arts academy doce pares eskrima kali arnis. It is required that the participating regions must use the deleqation uniform or the arnis uniform white tshirt and red pants weapons. San miguel eskrima is one of the major systems of eskrima, a martial arts from the philippines. Jamie lagang testing david allesandro in sinawali drills. Oct 07, 20 kombatan finland espada y daga, drills 115. Each lesson can be downloaded and you can access the course forever. A special section for long stick is also taught in our system. Filipino espada y daga differs somewhat from european rapier and dagger.

Individual espada y daga 1 player per individual category b. Phye 232basic arnis terminology san diego mesa college. Modern arnis is seen through the perspective of the family art of the bolo and knife, edged tools rather than a stick. A player may have the option to choose any of the following weapons. The practicality of its training can enhance the practitioners single and double stick skills. Gaje jr pekititirsia is strictly a combatoriented system, as opposed to sportfocused, style. You can use just the knife, just the sword or use the complete espada y daga set for training some self defense tactics or for drilling your style of kaliarniseskrima. Alpha doce pares eskrima beginner karambit quick cut. A basic drill from a pekititirsia espada y daga sword and dagger seminar at dallo martial arts in southfield, mi. Learn the arts of the double cane, cane and dagger, and bolo and. Welcome to the kali center the largest online source for filipino martial arts. Here are what i believe to be 5 essential drills for espada y daga all arnis practitioners need to know. Espada y daga 5 essentials drills for filipino martial arts.

Warriors eskrima krishna godhanias institute of filipino martial arts. Stick fighting styles as san miguel eskrima specializes in the espada y daga. Thanks for watching more posts from the eskrima community. Espada y daga movements translate nicely into double knife techniquesboth in pakal icepick and saksak hammer grips.

Espada y daga vol 1 grandmaster angelo filipino kyusho. The set is based on quick, multiple hits, but it also deals with some of the what ifscontingencies that may happen in a combative engagement. The international rules and the deped ground rules in arnis competition shall govern the conduct of this event in the palarong pambansa including other deped sponsored competition in the lower level. The study of espada y daga improves ones single stick skills by improving the aggressiveness of the alive hand or freehand, since the espada y daga knife hand is trained to be more offensive. The systems and styles of the fma are as diverse and numerous as the islands. To directly learn in a traditional context the kaliescrimaarnis, mainly means to dominate the use of the arms, including the knife, the sword and the dagger, or the sword. Modern training methods tend to deemphasize careful footwork and low stances, stressing the learning of techniques in favor of more direct and often lethal tactics designed to instantly end an encounter. The student will learn the basic form for espada y daga, and move towards partnered drills. This tactic is all about disarming, getting your opponent into a lock and really using their own energy against them.

Sometimes also connotes the use of baton and knife in tandem. Pdf balintawak eskrima download full pdf book download. Warriors needed a lot of drills and training to be able to know how to approach the enemy strategically. The doce pares empty hand drills usually involve boxingstyle attack movements combined with effective trapping and foot techniques. This is for the training practice of arnis, kali, escrima. The espada y daga or sword and dagger uses a long stick or sword and a wooden dagger. While both weapons are used for offense, the dagger is generally used to deliver a finishing blow. In addition to partner drills, modern arnis includes the use of anyo kata, solo forms training, very few fma arts even have forms training of any type. Working a serrada flow drill with the law enforcement class.

Espada y daga describes a long blade and a short blade, or if youre using sticks, a long one and a short one. The filipinos imitated the spanish version of espada y daga and soon found the weaknesses working a way to make the offensive moves complicated so spaniards could not counter it. Even if they have a knife, you can disarm them or even find a way to use their own knife for a quick stab. Dec 25, 2018 warriors needed a lot of drills and training to be able to know how to approach the enemy strategically. Other aspects of the art include espada y daga sword and dagger fighting, sinawali double stick weaving patterns, and tapitapi locking drills with the stick. Not only for coordination but, also for functional f.

Espada y daga also known as punta y daga or olisi y baraw cebuano is a modern discipline of eskrima and the filipino martial arts fma believed to be influenced by spanish swordsmanship, in particular the spanish style of sidesword and dagger used by the conquistadors who invaded the philippine islands in the 16th century, and. The weapons made use of a short stick, a knife as well as a rattan stick. Its all about using the least amount of work to produce the best results. Northern philippine blades traditional filipino weapons. Palarong pambansa arnis guidelines and ground rules. Try this espada y daga drill or sword and knife from kali, the filipino martial arts also known as escrima and arnis. If anyone has any questions im happy to do my best to share. The student will learn the basic forms methods for espada y daga, and move towards prearranged flow drills espada y daga serrada. Oropesa chief judgereferee tournament ma matcher chief records validated by. Espada y daga involves edged weapons training were the. Other aspects of the art include espada y daga sword and dagger fightingsinawali double stick weaving patternsand tapitapi locking drills with the stick. In performing arnis y daga, the practitioner studies to combine short and longrange strategies. This unique idea of fighting with a short and a long weapon simultaneously is an offshoot of the filipino warrior mentality. Long and short method, one of the first drills we cover in the inosanto curriculum in this category.

To learn more of this unique martial art join my online university here. Filipino martial arts terminology this list is by no means a complete list of the terminology found within the martial arts of the philippines but will, hopefully give some understanding of many of the terms found. Knife combatives, knife self defense course force necessary. Currently there are 77 video lessons and almost 6 hours of material. The training also involved spending significant time training on the footwork. Although im attempting to make this list as accurate as possible, there may be several discrepancies in the terminology due to the vast number of dialects found in the philippines as well as the number of fma systems that exist today. There are other espada y daga instructional vids out there. Check out the sites for more details, its new so i havent seen it. Please watch all of our videos, subscribe to be among the first to view the l.

Sep 04, 2019 looks like this was written by an outsider or someone with only a peripheral understanding of filipino martial arts. Technical handbook the technical rules per sport governing the 2015 milo little olympics updated as of jun 1 8, 2015 2 2015 milo little olympics. Kuntao chinese fist way, a system of kung fu adopted by filipinos and shared in. In this 2nd volume dedicated to the philippine martial arts, guro bob dubljanin approaches the category of arms of the olisi balaraw, wellknown l. Bansaybansay training or drills bantay guard or watch. Ebook modern arnis as pdf download portable document format. For someone to fully know the arts of arnis, eskrima or kali, one must know the art of the blade.

The sole heir and guardian of this system is leo t. The presas family was known for teaching bolo to the brigades during wwii. Esapda y daga sword and dagger the espada y daga or sword and dagger uses a long stick or sword and a wooden dagger. Stick transition drills 5 variations in any order on right. It is said that the soul of filipino martial arts lies in the blade, the bolo. Arnis, also known as kali or eskrimaescrima, is the national martial art of the philippines. In addition to partner drills, modern arnis includes the use of anyo kata, solo forms both with and without the stick. This is the first book to cover the modern arnis viewpoint of the espada y daga, the art of the long and short blade. Flywheel series of backhand arkos garrote another name for olisi kuntaw alt. Double stick curriculum certificate of completion pdf.

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