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Thanks to microarchitectural improvements, new instructions, and other innovations, we probably run code about 100x faster on todays systems compared to 20 years ago. Sparc version 9, the 64bit sparc architecture, was released by sparc international in 1993. On a singleprocessor sparcstation 20 platform from sun microsystems, the. The following model have an 64 bits ultrasparc architecture sun4u. The texas instruments made sun supersparc cpu, introduced in 1992, is a sparc v8 32bit compliant risc cpu that was used for suns sparcstation 20xx workstations and some servers during early to mid1990s. In proceedings of the sixth international conference on architectural support for programming languages and operating systems, san jose, ca, oct. It has a clock rate of 100mhz and delivers a specfp92 of 127. These models are positioned as high performance workstations, with intrinsic memory and processor performance above the sparcstation 20 class, which has been discontinued by sun.

When sxdram is reserved, the sx has additional optimizations available to it when accessing sxdram, and operations on sxdram execute more quickly. For more information on the sparcstation 5, 10, 20 you can read suns. A read is counted each time someone views a publication summary such as the title, abstract, and list of authors, clicks on a figure, or views or downloads the fulltext. This paper describes techniques and procedures currently under investigation to make this plan a reality based on the unique culture and experiences of wells fargo. Time space sharing scheduling and architectural support. The sparc architecture manual version 9 sparc international, inc. Special equipment, test applications, and metric data collection and analysis tools may need to be acquired or developed to provide the load, stress, scalability testing, software product performance benchmarking, and regressions testing. Video card removed and placed on empty space next to hdd. Scaling web sites for the expanding internet universe.

Sparcstation 10sx and sparcstation 20 system configuration guide september 1998 advantages of using sxdram as a configuration option, you can reserve sxdram. Sparcstation 20 system configurations and software requirements 6. A seminal paper published 20 years ago described how simics would boot unmodified sun solaris 2. With two dualcpu modules and updated firmware, the sparcstation 20 supports a maximum of 4 cpus. For more information on the sparcstation 5, 10, 20 you can read suns documentation online or download it available. Rdma is a set of mechanisms that allow the network adapter, under control of the application, to steer data directly into and out of application buffers. Cdrom isnt mine and have to give it back soon, so i got no clue why the system wont just boot from the disk. Sparc scalable processor architecture is a reduced instruction set computing risc.

The last model bearing the sparcstation name was the sparcstation 20. Figure 11 basic sparcstation 5 system subassemblies, boards, and components the sparcstation 5 system unit accommodates the following subassemblies, boards, and components. The apple campus will be 80% landscape and 20 % buildings. The most obvious architectural feature is that the ultra range uses the 64 bit ultrasparc processor. Building on the strengths of the sparcstation 10, the worlds most successful networked desktop, our engineers added faster system bus technologies to the sparcstation 20 series. Separate, highspeed cpu memory bus and a fast, large memory and disk technologies. Pixars propriety job control software feeds the frames one at a time to each workstation, and ensures an even distribution of work.

Keeping old computers alive for deeper understanding of. Weaver tom germond editors sav09r1459912 ptr prentice hall, englewood cliffs, new jersey 07632. Yeah, i got this old sparcstation 20 mp from school everything is ok if the cdrom is plugged in, ok promt type boot disk flys into debian. Products bearing sparc trademarks are based upon an architecture developed by. Sparcstation 5 or ss5 codenamed aurora is a workstation introduced by sun microsystems in march 1994.

Sun sparcstation model 2071 workstations and intel pentium based pcs. The architecture of a software system refers to its highestlevel modular decomposition and the interrelationship patterns between its modules. Need help resurrecting a sparcstation 20 ars technica. Rfc 4297 remote direct memory access rdma over ip problem. The series was very popular and introduced the sun4c architecture, a variant of. Im seriously thinking about buying it so i have a piece of sun hardware to play with solaris on. S4 perigee sun4m microsparc ii 70, 85, 110 mhz 160 mb 1997. A database system should be efficient in performance and convenient in use. The software test environment that will be used to support software acceptance testing must be prepared. The sun4m workstations are the sparcstation 5, 10 and 20.

These systems not only deliver higher singleprocessor performance at very attractive prices but also provide the ideal platform for desktop multiprocessing. Davis, pierrehenri jondot, eric stockbridge, rajiv mangliani, jungmin seo. The table shows that the performance of erc32 is approximately equal to a sparcstation 1. The mbus standard was codeveloped by ross and sun microsystems and is used in sparcstation 10, sparcstation 20 and sparcserver 600 systems produced by sun, as well as many other sun compatible systems manufactured by oems. The new data manager text retrieval server was fulcrums searchserver being augmented by fulcrums surfboard as the world wide web data server running on a sun sparcstation20 solaris system.

The sparc 20 workstation and sparc 20 server are the same systems. Powerful multiprocessor and options for fast 2d 8bit graphics acceleration. The family of macintosh operating systems developed by apple inc. At any point, only 32 of them are immediately visible to software 8 are a set of. A simplified, cheaper version of the ss5 was released in 1996 as the sparcstation 4. On a singleprocessor sparcstation 20 platform from sun microsystems, the room model described above takes approximately 30 minutes to recompile from scratch. Oracle database 8i sun e250 recovered hard drives from 200 vesey st. Ive got a seemingly brandnew sparcstation 20 that came with 2 memory modules and thats about it. Software sites tucows software library shareware cdroms software capsules compilation cdrom images zx spectrum doom level cd featured image all images latest this just in flickr commons occupy wall street flickr cover art usgs maps.

Gateway to opengl info this page original contains collects links to various sources of information on opengl, the fastest and most widely available programming interface for 3d and imaging. The sparcstation 10 ss10 contains two mbus slots running at either 36 mhz 33 mhz for the earliest models or 40 mhz set via motherboard jumper. Technical report laboratory for interactive learning. The sparc 10 was built before the sparc 5 was, which is why sun didnt use the aurora chassis that became common for the sparcstation 20 and the sparcstation 5. The sparcstation 20 was the last and fastest of suns 32bit sparc workstations, and was the last multiprocessor machine to feature suns trademark pizza box enclosure. Chapter 1 fundamentals of computer design this growth rate, combined with the cost advantages of a massproduced. At least, one software vendor claims to have gnulinux running on this cpu, this. Jobs are fed to each sparcstation from a sparcserver e, which contains the basic information models, textures, shaders needed to complete the rendering of the frame. This machine fixes most of the shortcomings of the earlier sparcstations, and adds a few interesting features. The architecture of most of commercial dbms are available today is mostly based on this ansisparc database architecture. Manolis stavrianakis project director profile software. Sun sparcstation 10 and sun sparcstation 10 spare parts. Chapter 1 fundamentals of computer design packaging, power, and cooling. The sparcstation, sparcserver and sparccenter product lines are a series of.

In the past, the term computer architecture often referred only to instruction set design. Hired senior arborist from stanford to plant trees. Building sun sparcstation, solaris, solaris server, bsd, unix. The sparcstation 10 series lets you view your models quickly in any dimension, from 2d and 3d wireframe to realistic 3d surfaces. If you have the aurora 2 chassis, use cable 5302277 weight product weight.

The sparcstation 20 has dual 50 mhz mbus ports that allow it to use faster cpus than the sparcstation 10. Im trying to resurrect a donated sparcstation 20 for a nonprofit organisation. Sparcstation 20 service manual part no 801618912 revision a, july 1996 sun microsystems computer company a sun microsystems, inc. To back it up, we carry a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our used and refurbished gear, in addition to one of the industries best warranties. Optimizing the design requires familiarity with a very wide range of technologies, from compilers and operating systems to logic design and packaging. Sparcstation article about sparcstation by the free. Ive always been fascinated by obscure hardware, especially stuff like silicon graphics and sun since these expensive beasts were usually getting real work done in businesses and hospitals and stuff instead of being fiddled with by the enthusiasts. Internal floppy cable, 190mm for the sun sparcstation 4, sparcstation 5, sparcstation 20.

Each mbus slot can contain single or dual sparc cpu modules, permitting expansion to up to four cpus. Running large software on wind river simics virtual. Oracle and sun microsystems strategic acquisitions oracle. It was developed by the sparc architecture committee consisting of amdahl corporation, fujitsu, icl, lsi logic, matsushita, philips, ross technology, sun microsystems, and texas instruments. Sun sparcstation 20 and sun sparcstation 20 spare parts. The redesigned version will deliver on windows nt and other server class machines. Express computer systems stateoftheart engineering lab and certified technicians will make sure that your sun sparc 20 workstation is tested rigorously and in perfect working condition. Also called sx or occasionally spam, the cgfourteen was the accelerated 24bit framebuffer built into the sparcstation 20 and the sparcstation 10 sx. Chips based on the sparc architecture have been saved from. Instead, special purpose network fabrics, using a technology generally known as remote direct memory access rdma, have been developed and are widely used. Sun sparcstation 20 dt hypersparc 150 mhz 32 mb 2 gb sign in to comment. We have acquired twothirds of 100 ultrasparc now2 cluster, shown in part below, and have begun constructing the high performance and mezzanine networks. Sun microsystems sparcstation 5 service manual pdf. Sparc javastation sun ray sun modular datacenter more.

The sparcstation 20 model 71 and 712mp uses the 75mhz supersparc processors that give a 35% and 14% boost to specint92 and specfp92 respectively compared to the 61612mp. The sparcstation 20 is a sun microsystems workstation based on the supersparc or hypersparc cpu. The wider databus provides intrinsically faster performance than a. Wells fargo performance modeling techniques for integrating. The sparcstation, sparcserver and sparccenter product lines are a series of sparcbased computer workstations and servers in desktop, desk side pedestal and rackbased form factor configurations, that were developed and sold by sun microsystems the first sparcstation was the sparcstation 1 also known as the sun 460, introduced in 1989. The 20, even with 2 processors, would be horribly slow. In the photo above, the topmost machine is a sparc 2, the center machine is a sun sparcstation 10, and the bottom machine is the axil 311, a sparc 10 clone machine built by axilhyundai. The sparcstation 10 came out in 1992 and had two mbus slots. Oracle acquired sun microsystems in 2010, and since that time oracles hardware and software engineers have worked sidebyside to build fully integrated systems and optimized solutions designed to achieve performance levels that are unmatched in the industry. They both run the same versions of the operating system.

S20 kodiak sun4m supersparc iii hypersparc 50, 60, 75, 90, 100, 125, 150, 180, 200 mhz 512 mb 1997. The difference is too large to depend only on the architectural differences. Sun also marketed these same machines under the netra brand, without framebuffers or keyboards and preconfigured with all the. It has an onchip 20k 5way setassociative instruction cache which is very uncommon plus an onchip 16k 4way setassociative data cache and runs at up to 60mhz. The fastest cpu produced for the sparcstation 20 is the 200 mhz ross hypersparc the prom in the sparcstation 20 determines cpu compatibility. The client software for the internal users maintaining the service was windows95 compliant and was developed using powerbuilder v. Building and planning eindhoven university of technology. Only the sparcstation 10 and sparcstation 20 are smp capable. Netbsdsparc is based on work done at lawrence berkeley laboratory by the computer systems engineering group under darpa contract bg 9166, which later appeared in the 4. Surpassing the tlb performance of superpages with less operating system support. The public is largely unaware of just how cool some of these machines can be. The server was installed on a sparcstation 20 mp in our lab and on netras in each of the 4 dodds schools. In addition, architectural features are now tagged with software classes and implementation. The first times i tried to boot up the system, it would.

The images required 800,000 hours generation time on a renderfarm consisting of 87 2cpu sparcstation 20s, 30 4cpu sparc station 20s and a sparcserver. It provided accelerated 24bit graphics at either 1152x900 with the 4mb vsimm or 1280x1024 with the 8mb vsimm. Newer specifications always remain compliant with the full. A quasiempirical simulation approach requires data from select experiments to. The software enabled designers to work at a logic functionblock level without having to worry too much about the realities of interconnections, datapaths and process variations. Wells fargo technology services feels that enlisting the active participation of the benefactors of performance modeling wells fargo business organizations is a key to its success. It was the last model in the sparcstation family of sun pizza box computers, which was superseded by the ultrasparc design in 1995. Also responsible for the integration of multivendor hardware and software for an experimental test bed using ss7 telephony protocols between sparcstation 20 computers and dedicated test equipment.

Multimedia the sparcstation 10 systems builtin multimedia capabilities lets you combine disparate technologies such as cd, audio, video, and telephone into your everyday applications. The sparcstation 20 system offers expandability, upgradability, networking and a choice of processors. The ansisparc architecture has been developed for database systems that operate in the business domain. The 20 is compatible with the earlier sparcstation 10. The percentage of total software costs attributable to perbyte operations were. We also supply unlimited lifetime tech support for this item. As long as you dont want to do a lot of high end graphics itll run. Toy story was the first fully computergenerated fulllength feature film. Apple already makes the biggest pieces of glass for architectural use. An architecture serves as a blueprint for implementation and also as the chief determinant of a systems ability evolve. The later ultra 1,2 and 5 are sometimes called pizza boxes, but were considerably thicker. Working hardware is a requisite for software execution environment that reproduces behavior of socially and culturally important computers.

Products may also be returned in original condition within 14 days of delivery for full credit minus shipping. It is based on the sun4m architecture, and is enclosed in a pizzabox chassis. The series was very popular and introduced the sun. Compatible with sun sparcstation 10, sun sparcstation 20. Sparc stands for scalable processor architecture, it derives from research. The best thor system runs about 3 times slower that the erc32. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we. Sparcstation 20 article about sparcstation 20 by the. Sparcstation 20 no video i apologize in advance that this is probably more of a hardware question than a unix software one. A proposal for a distributed virtual reality system for. Sparcstation 10 specs up to 512mb ram using 64mb dsimms. Sparc stands for scalable processor architecture, it derives from research done. This is a list of software both commercial and otherwise available for 3d reconstruction of mri, ct, confocal, and serialsection data for medicallifesciences imaging. Business 901 san antonio road palo alto, ca 943034900 usa 650 9600 fax 650 96991.

The sun4c workstations are the sparcstation 1,2, ipc and ipx models. Sparcstation 20 components memoryten products carry a lifetime exchange or repair warranty against manufacturing defects. For technical purposes, new methods of measuring performance can be applied to old computers retrospectively. Early examples include the oracle exadata database machine x28, and the first oracle exalogic elastic cloud, both introduced in late 2010. At least, one software vendor claims to have gnulinux running on this cpu, this is. Sparc attributes sparc is a cpu instruction set architecture isa, derived. Was working ibm 370 terminals when pc was announced.

See below to determine how to identify the proper size of a dsimm for the sparc 10. The following people contributed to the original document. This page is based on a document formerly found on our main website. Each slot could take a cpu card with 1 or 2 cpus on it. This represents a shift in our original plan to build the core computing cluster out of hp platforms. Note that supervisor software, not user programs, manages the register windows.

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